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Imagine a world in which every single doctor on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human Internal Medicine knowledge. That's what we're doing. (Modified from Jimmy Wales quote)

IMpedia.NET is an online textbook of Internal Medicine which is freely accessible and any medical professional can contribute to the website and changes are supervised by physicians.

The IMpedia Project is a worldwide collaborative project to develop a comprehensive, best researched resource for Internal Medicine community and to evolve a new model for sharing and advancing Internal Medicine knowledge. Just register and start contributing to the fastest growing collaborative Internal Medicine encyclopedia around. It is a great way to consolidate Internal Medicine knowledge, while simultaneously adding to a growing resource that you and your colleagues will be able to use for years to come.

Users of the IMpedia project include physicians, medical students, medical journals, medical schools, research institutes, medical associations, hospitals, etc.

As IMpedia grows over the next few years, it will become a repository of up-to-date unbiased Internal Medicine related information, contributed and maintained by medical professionals around the world, and freely available to everyone. The information in this project will be easy to discover and navigate, and the technology platform will expand as the community invents more uses for it.

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To develop the most up to date, comprehensive and best researched online Internal Medicine encyclopedia which is freely accessible by anyone from around the world.

All content (except where otherwise stated) is licensed under creative commons which allows for non commercial use, while maintaining attribution privileges for contributors of images.

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Most medical knowledge is created by researchers working for publicly funded institutions and the outcomes are often published by commercial institutions, which restrict the free flow of medical knowledge by limiting access to the published work by erecting paid subscription walls, thereby making it difficult or impossible to access the knowledge for many doctors throughout the world. Nowadays, both new (PLoS.org) and established medical journals (BMJ) are adopting open access strategies. But, open access to up-to-date textbook style medical knowledge is virtually non-existent. IMpedia is built to fill in such a gap. IMpedia is freely accessible, high quality, up-to-date Internal Medicine resource. IMpedia is a non-profit organization and all content is published under a creative commons non-commerical share-alike license. This means you are free to copy the material for non-commercial use as long as you attribute the author and IMpedia.

You can can be part of this noble and exciting endeavor to create open access and high quality content. Please send us your interesting cases, ECG's, X-ray's, CT's, MRI's or anything related to Internal Medicine. Please edit our articles and become an Author on IMpedia. Interested doctors can contact us at moc.yfik|aidepoidrac#moc.yfik|aidepoidrac. Once we verify that you are a qualified medical professional, we allot you a moderator status on IMpedia so that you can create a new page or edit any page on IMpedia.NET.

Every case, every new article and every correction counts. So why not sign up and start contributing now.

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